Saturday, March 11, 2006

Julie's first post - Black Pumpkins

Every Halloween I try to create something different, the internet is a great source of information. This idea comes from the greatest crafter of all "Martha Stewart". Based on the 2005 October issue of Martha Stewart Living it showed how to create these wonderful black Pumpkins. You simply spray paint them with acrylic paint, the trick is to keep our Pumpkins inside in a dry and some what warm place, this is to ensure that the exterior skin is not wet or damp. The paint won't sick otherwise.

I sprayed them outside on a sunny autumn day and left them to dry overnight in the garage. The next evening I craved them out using a template from that same magazine. You need to crave them after painting them. That's how you get the orange skin to show up. Tip: the best Pumpkins to use are the smaller baking ones, their skin or meat as I like to call it, is a nice bright orange colour. The bigger ones are usually more white or light orange in colour.

I had lots of great comments, the adults trick or treaters really loved them.

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