Thursday, March 09, 2006

Welcome to our Blackburn Scrapbook Blog

I think this might be fun, most of you already now about blogs especially if you have Teens... It's a great way to share information. This is what I know about blogs, you can post short story, links, share photos. It can also be used as an electronic diary. As a srapper/crafter we often find other use for things. I thought we could use this a our own sort of web-page to share our experiences. I will invite each of you to post to this blog. Gail I will encourage you to post our wonderful card template, Suzane I would love to see you share some of those small books you make. As you can see this is a great tool to share our talents. I was even thinking of getting you to post your pages, cards, books and we could vote on the best one of the month. I would come up with prizes to make it more interesting. I thought we could post a variety of things that would be of interest to this group.


Gail said...

Thanks for setting this up Julie. This should be FUN. I have never had a blog before. Sorry, I don't feel comfortable posting the card template since it is not mine originally (Angela Martins was the mastermind behind this) and therefore don't feel it's my place to post. Thanks for your understanding. Gail

Julie said...

I understand maybe we can invite her to post or ask to share. This being my first time too, can you see my drafts before I actually post them?

Gail said...

Yes I can see your drafts before you post them.